About the Chamber

The Tonganoxie Chamber of Commerce has a rich history of supporting the business community
for over 30 years. The Chamber has supported the community in various ways through the
years, including promotion of the community, support for new and existing businesses, and
sponsoring community events to strengthen the sense of community and bring visitors to

Currently, the Chamber’s focus is on attracting new businesses through promotion of the
community, support for existing businesses through educational, networking and marketing
opportunities, and community development through building and maintaining strong
relationships with other leading organizations in the community, including City government,
the school district, and various non-profit organizations and clubs dedicating to improving the
quality of life in Tonganoxie.

Primary Goals of the Chamber

  1.     Be a center for communication and information
  2.     Work with the City of Tonganoxie to fulfill the vision of the 2020 Retail & Commercial Development Plan
  3.     Support current  businesses with information, educational resources and referrals
  4.    Attract new businesses and prospects to Tonganoxie
  5.    Promote and sustain economic and community growth